Principals of CSL

Jeffrey Joyce

With clients in North America, Europe and Asia, Dr. Joyce is recognized internationally for his insights about managing safety risk in complex operational environments. He is registered as a Professional Engineer in the province of British Columbia.

In client projects, Jeff has focused on the development and analysis of high hazard software-intensive systems and system and safety engineering methodologies across industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, energy, rail, marine and high energy physics. Dr Joyce participated in the development of international safety standards RTCA DO 178C and its supplement RTCA DO-333 Formal Methods. He also was a member of the international working group that developed ISO 26262 which has been adopted by the automotive industry for the functional safety of electronic control systems in road vehicles. Jeff also has extensive experience with the practical application of a broad range of safety related standards such as ISO 26262 (automotive), RTCA DO-178B/C (aerospace), MIL STD 882 (system safety), CENELEC EN 50128 (rail), IEC 61508 (functional safety).

J. Joyce is one of the inventors named in the following US Patents:
US8618922B2 - "Method and system for ensuring operation of limited-ability autonomous driving vehicles"
US9244460B2 - "Methods and apparatus for isolating safety functions in a motion control system for a vehicle"
US9740178B2 - "Primary controller designation in fault tolerent systems"

Laurent Fabre

Laurent Fabre is also recognized internationally for his contributions to the development, deployment and operation of technologically advanced systems with safety-critical and mission-critical functionality.

Mr Fabre has been involved in safety-related engineering projects internationally in a variety of sectors including aerospace, defense, medical technologies, marine, high energy physics and rail. Laurent has expertise in the application of safety related standards including SAE ARP 4761, SAE ARP 4754, RTCA DO-178B/C and RTCA DO-254 (aerospace and defense), ISO 26262 (automotive) and ISO 14971 (Medical devices). CSL clients in the medical device industry have relied upon Mr Fabre for his extensive knowledge of risk management based on ISO 14971 and other applicable guidance.

Mr Fabre has participated in international working groups on the development of safety and security standards including RTCA DO-326, RTCA DO-355 and RTCA DO-356. These three documents address security aspects of airworthiness.