Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence

Higher performance, increased capability, improved reliability and uncompromised safety are among the key
factors that drive technical advances in aerospace and defence. CSL has been involved in projects integrating
software and safety engineering processes for the development of air traffic control software, providing guidance
for safety assurance of command and control systems, developing safety requirements for UAVs, and
evaluating safety aspects of communication systems on airborne platforms.

CSL has participated in the development and revision of safety-related and security-related standards

    RTCA DO-178C
    RTCA DO-326A

CSL has also worked with other standards relevant to aerospace and defence including:

    SAE ARP 4761
    SAE ARP 4754A
    MIL-STD-882 C, D and E
    RTCA DO-254
    UK Def Stan 00-55 Issue 2
    UK Def Stan 00-56 Multiple issues   

Typical client needs

- Gap analysis for compliance with RTCA DO-178C and related standards
- Strategies for the practical application of safety standards
- Independent assessment of engineering processes, systems and tools
- Specification of functional requirements
- Functional hazard assessment (FHA), preliminary system safety assessment (PSSA), system safety
  assessment (SSA) safety assessment reports

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